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Antioxidants are molecules whose purpose is to combat free radicals, which cause oxidation and premature aging of our cells. While our body naturally produces antioxidants, the prevalence of free radicals has increased significantly in recent times.

Free radicals originate from various sources, including pollution, stress, tobacco, alcohol, sun exposure, and inadequate sleep. All these factors contribute to the generation of free radicals.













In fact, antioxidants will neutralize free radicals.

From a molecular point of view, free radicals are molecules which are missing electrons and which try at all costs, to stabilize themselves, to steal electrons from other molecules.

Antioxidants have available electrons. Their job is to donate electrons to free radicals. By this action, antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Thus, the latter can no longer attack our proteins, or bits of DNA. They also no longer cause lesions in our organism. Nature and well done, right? 😊

A deficiency in antioxidants (or oxidative stress) can be the cause of more or less significant health problems such as: fatigue, joint or circulatory discomfort, premature skin aging, a risk factor for the development of certain diseases cardio-metabolic or neurodegenerative.

Conversely, antioxidants are valuable allies for:

  • keep your body in good health by helping your cells function properly and by helping to "recycle waste"
  • promote beautiful skin by helping with firmness and delaying the appearance of wrinkles
  • allow a good view
  • have a healthy heart by helping to lower bad cholesterol
  • preserve the brain and its cognitive faculties such as memory and attention


    To be healthy and maintain beautiful skin, it is therefore very important to provide the body with more antioxidants than free radicals.












    They are mainly found in food and micronutrition.

    • Spices and herbs : cloves, turmeric, cumin, curry, garlic, thyme, basil, rosemary, dried oregano, ginger, saffron.
    • Berries and fruits : pomegranates, red fruits (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries), apples, apricots or tomatoes.
    • Dried fruits : Goji berries, cranberries, prunes or raisins.
    • Oleaginous fruits : almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans or hazelnuts.
    • Green vegetables : broccoli, artichokes, cabbage, peppers or spinach.
    • Legumes like beans.
    • Fish, seafood and shellfish : red tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, oysters, shellfish or shrimp.
    • Drinks : green tea and coffee.
    • Not to mention the cocoa : one or two squares of dark chocolate.


      It is important to include these foods in your daily food bowl .


















      You can also supplement this intake with food supplements rich in antioxidants. We find it in particular in our Food Supplement Go For Protection which contains Goji berries , grape polyphenols and acerola berries very rich in vitamin C , fighting against oxidative stress. You will also find antioxidants in our Go For Detox Food Supplement , which contains turmeric and artichoke, among others.

      In addition, to preserve the beauty of your skin, we advise you to use cosmetics rich in antioxidants. Go For Protection Antioxidant Moisturizer contains matcha tea - the richest of antioxidants, 137 times more powerful than green tea, known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants. Our day care also contains active ingredients from biotechnology , scientifically tested for their shield effect against pollution, blue light, infrared and UVA rays.