The best of science and nature.


We want DEMAIN® products to be as healthy as possible for our skin, our health and our planet. We have therefore imposed on ourselves the strictest specifications in order to guarantee the safety of our formulas: – No ingredients harmful to health – No ingredients derived from chemicals or petroleum – Zero palm oil out of respect for animals and planet – Formulas composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin. – Cosmetics certified organic Cosmos Organic by Ecocert with a minimum of 61% ingredients from organic farming.

100% from natural origin and certified organic

What's the point of having CLEAN formulas if it's to add plants stuffed with pesticides? DEMAIN® skincare products are therefore Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert, the most demanding organic label, with a minimum of 61% of ingredients from organic farming when the label requires 20%. DEMAIN® is also one of the only certified organic brands to offer a range made up of 100% natural ingredients when the Ecocert Cosmos Organic label only requires a minimum of 95% natural ingredients in its formulas.


DEMAIN® wishes to limit its impact on the environment as much as possible. This is why we have taken care to select as many French ingredients as possible to compose the formulas of our products. We have also chosen to select French suppliers and subcontractors for our packaging and the development and manufacture of our formulas, as well as a logistics center based in France, despite the additional cost that this represents.


We have integrated prebiotics, probiotics and/or postbiotics into all our products to preserve a healthy body and healthy skin. We are all carriers of 2kg of bacteria, both good and bad, distributed mainly in the intestine (the intestinal microbiota) and on the skin (the skin microbiota). The challenge for our health is to preserve a balanced microbiome. However, a balanced microbiome is a nourished, reinforced and protected microbiome. We nourish the microbiome thanks to the prebiotics that we integrate into all our formulas. We reinforce it thanks to the contribution of probiotics. We protect it by preserving it from harmful ingredients such as harmful chemical preservatives. We prefer natural and healthy postbiotics.


From the creation of the brand, we have been committed to being as eco-responsible as possible in order to preserve our planet. We have therefore made the choice to ban non-recyclable plastic and to choose 100% recyclable materials. Our cosmetic tubes are made of aluminum. An infinitely recyclable material that effectively protects our formulas from light and bacteria. Good to know: a biodegradable film separates the aluminum tube from our formulas so that there is never any direct interaction between the material and the formula, without harming its recyclability. Only the caps of our tubes are made of plastic (100% recyclable) and we are actively working on alternatives! With DEMAIN®, everyone can therefore take care of themselves in complete safety without endangering the planet!

We are committed to the planet

At DEMAIN®, we want to preserve the planet. – Our products are universal and multi-purpose (while remaining effective!) to limit our production and limit waste. – Our aluminum and cardboard packaging (ultra light) has a very limited carbon impact – Our packaging is 100% recyclable (infinitely for aluminium) – We prohibit plastic as much as possible. Only the caps of our tubes are made of plastic (100% recyclable) – Our boxes come from responsible forests and are FSC certified. – 100% of our products and packaging are made in France – We are committed to donating 1% of our turnover to the 1% for the Planet / Good Planet association, which works for ecological transition. We animate on Instagram the Live #IactForDemain in which we interview actors of change to show that everyone can, at their level, act for Tomorrow!

Efficiency, sensoriality

With DEMAIN® we wanted to open the way to new possibilities. We wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to create certified organic cosmetic products with 100% natural ingredients, with efficacy and sensoriality comparable to conventional brands. For our formulas, we have chosen titrated active ingredients, derived from biotechnology, with proven cosmetic results. We have developed in our laboratories unique and innovative formulas incorporating the latest scientific research so that our products are always at the cutting edge of technology.


DEMAIN® products are universal. They are suitable for everyone, whatever our gender, whatever our age, whatever our skin type. At home everyone will finally be able to share the same tube of cream!

Cruelty Free & Vegan

100% of DEMAIN® products are VEGAN. They do not contain any animal substances. And as European regulations require, our formulas are not tested on animals.


Chez Demain®, nous avons à coeur d'être transparent. Ainsi, la traçabilité de nos produits est disponible sur tous nos packs grâce à SORGA. SORGA est une solution de passeports numériques inviolables pour les produits (Digital Product Passport, DPP), accessible directement via le code-barres (ou le QR code sérialisé) de votre produit depuis www.sorga.app. Cette technologie révèle de manière sécurisée l’histoire de chaque produit ainsi que les preuves vérifiables des engagements de la marque. Chaque produit dispose d’un passeport numérique qui vous permet d’obtenir des informations clés, vérifiables.