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Beauty also goes through a healthy scalp and healthy hair. So we share with you today our tip: LA HAIR DETOX , the new way to take care of your hair naturally!

At the house of Demain® , we are committed to offering you care products CLEAN , devoid of any ingredient harmful to your health or the planet. Our cosmetic products and food supplements act in synergy to give you beautiful and healthy skin.


Just like our skin, our scalp and our hair suffer the pangs of our modern life: pollution, limestone, silicones, phthalates, sulphates, but also a diet rich in heavy metals and pesticides...

These residues accumulate and cause oily, flat and damaged hair.

A hair detox is a hair treatment that will rid hair and scalp of all these residues to restore shine, suppleness and lightness! We reveal our little tips, simple but effective to take good care of your hair.


Sulfates are extremely detergents , irritants and strippers . Worse still, sulphated detergents can turn into carcinogenic compounds by reacting with other molecules that are very common in shampoos.

Often presented as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Or Sodium Laureth Sulfate . , they are found in most cleansing gels and shampoos. These are inexpensive ingredients that add foam to formulas.


Silicone is hydrophobic . The problem is that by dint of using shampoos or hair products full of silicones, they prevent the hair from breathing. Consequently, the hair fiber is no longer receptive to any care product . Thus, neither serums nor hair masks can act.

As for dyes, silicones slow down the penetration of color into the hair fiber. The colorings therefore take much less time and do not necessarily give the expected color.

In addition, when you use a shampoo, you clean not only the hair fiber, but also the scalp. The occlusive action exerted on the fiber will also be exerted on the scalp. And there, you risk ending up with more dandruff, an itchy scalp that becomes hyper-sensitive .

How do you know if a shampoo or hair product contains silicone ?
Nothing could be simpler: you have to identify all the names ending with thicone, thiconol, siloxane or silane .

To take care of your hair and the planet, choose natural shampoos , without artificial and/or chemical components.


Hair detox is recommended to take care of your hair on a daily basis. It removes lime pollution residues or other undesirable ingredients, and is suitable for all hair types !

Especially when your hair looks dull, lifeless, brittle , feels like it's growing poorly and lacks lightness.

We also think of a hair detox just after coloring to eliminate any pigment residues or if we abuse lacquers or dry shampoos on a daily basis.

It is also useful when the sebum gets carried away (stress, change of season) or to calm itching .

Those who have adopted an organic diet for a long time and no longer use styling products or shampoos and conditioners containing phthalates, sulphates and silicones and handle the brush morning and evening to eliminate pollution will be able to do so less frequently.


The only rhythm to prevail is therefore your own . You will be alerted to the need to let your hair breathe when it is brittle, damaged, fragile, dull, when it falls out in larger quantities.

Ideally, and to take good care of your hair, you should do at least one every two months for people who do not use organic/natural shampoos.

Hair Detox: instructions for use
There are several ways to do a Hair Detox:

1 . Regularly offer our scalp a detox scrub to remove residue from the scalp and re-oxygenate it.

2 . Regularly make a mask enriched with active ingredients that absorb toxins: mainly vegetable charcoal or clay.

3 . Wash your hair with a neutral pH shampoo, which allows you to recover a balanced hair texture, a formula with mild surfactants and as few ingredients as possible.


There are lots of recipes for detox scrubs and masks to make yourself. Here is our selection:

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Scrub:

Caring for your hair with vinegar ?
It's possible !

Homemade apple cider vinegar hair scrub will help detoxify the scalp by ridding it of impurities that can cause dandruff, hair loss and oily hair.

We particularly like this recipe, because cider vinegar, in addition to detoxifying the hair, naturally rebalances the PH of the scalp and therefore calms irritations. It is also a recognized antibacterial and anti-dandruff ! Its combination with coconut oil detoxifies the hair while repairing dry and damaged hair.

Ingredients (preferably organic) :

  • 2 tablespoons Himalayan pink salt, ground.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar; only 1 tbsp.
  • Honey tea (1 teaspoon).
  • Dry hair option: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

How to do ?

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. Then, take 1 tablespoon of the exfoliant on wet hair and apply by rubbing gently with your fingertips. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

2 in 1 detox mask with activated carbon:

We love this recipe because it is rich in Super-Ingredients :

Spirulina: 1 tbsp. c. It strengthens the hair in addition to restoring shine, shine, softness and volume. It is also known to promote hair growth. On the skin side, spirulina will have a nourishing, moisturizing and purifying action!

Activated charcoal (or green clay for blondes) : 1/4 c. c. It is the detox ingredient par excellence. It adsorbs everything: toxins, pollution… It is ultra purifying.

Coconut milk : 2 tbsp. c. It is recognized for its protective properties for the hair . It repairs damaged, brittle or split ends, and rehydrates overly dry hair . In addition, it is a boosting product in hair growth . On the skin side, the latter contributes to maintaining the elasticity of the skin and the flexibility of the blood vessels. It thus helps to prevent wrinkles, but also sagging skin and age spots.

Castor oil : ½ tsp. c. (option dry hair). It facilitates hair regrowth, jojoba oil strengthens the scalp and hair.

This recipe was prepared for medium length hair . Adapt it according to the length of your hair.

How to do ?
Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl until you get a texture close to a creamy yogurt (neither too thick nor too liquid) . Adjust the amount of coconut milk to obtain the texture of your choice.

Apply 3/4 of the preparation to dry hair.
Leave to act for 10/15 minutes.
Rinse for a long time.
Clean with your silicone and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.
Dry naturally.

The extra tip for combination to oily skin : apply the rest of the mask to your face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. Your skin will be as fresh as your hair!


You can customize these recipes by adding 2 drops of essential oil compatible with your needs:

Fight against dandruff
 small grain, patchouli, tea trea or lavender.

For brittle hair : lemon grass , chamomile or lavender.

In case of scalp irritation : lavender or tea trea.

In case of dull hair : Ylang ylang or lemongrass.

If you have dry or split ends : rosewood, ylang ylang or geranium.

Hair loss : ginger.

Oily scalp : bergamot , sage clarée , grapefruit or atlas cedar.

The radical option, the "No Poo"!

The recipe is very simple: do nothing, stop washing your hair…at all.

No Poo consists in fact in completely doing without shampoo and conditioner that are too chemical and irritating for the scalp and whose over-frequency causes the lubrication of the scalp.

Indeed, you should know that the scalp naturally produces sebum to protect itself. By cleaning it too often with aggressive products, it defends itself by recreating sebum. We enter a vicious circle: oily hair, shampoo, oily hair, shampoo etc…

A cure for No Poo allows you to find a normal cycle and to space out shampoos over the long term.

How does it work concretely?

The Sebum cure : the most radical version – we do nothing for… 1 month! We let our hair cover itself with sebum naturally, brushing it very regularly in order to deposit the material all over the lengths.

Some variations :

“Water only : in other words, “washing” your hair only with clean water.

The Conditioner wash which consists of washing your hair only with a conditioner, which alone contains enough washing agents and which is less aggressive for the hair fiber and the scalp.

In any case, to take care of your hair, remember to space out the wash as much as possible!

One last tip for the road to hold between 2 shampoos while gaining volume: sprinkle your scalp with cornstarch or rice flour and massage. Ultralight, this flour will absorb excess sebum and allow you to keep beautiful voluminous hair, without shampooing!


Why not add an oral hair treatment to your daily routine?
Zinc is a valuable ally for regulating sebum production. At Demain® , you can find this beneficial ingredient in two of our dietary supplements: Go For Detox and Go For Protection .
Do not deprive yourself of it!