Detoxifying and Antioxidant Food Supplements — 1 month

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Digestive comfortAnti-blemishesGlowImmunityAnti-aging protectionEnergy

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to bring efficiency, protection and optimal balance to everyone. By combining these 2 food supplements you will benefit from:

  • 20 billion probiotics for maximum immunity and digestive comfort.
  • 100% of the recommended daily allowance of ZINC for healthy skin.
  • B vitamins that help reduce fatigue.
  • Vitamins C, collagen booster, antioxidant and immunity
  • Plants with detoxifying and anti-aging properties A minimum of 56% of the ingredients in these products come from organic farming.

You will find all the information on the products of this duo below:

  • 1 capsule per dietary supplement to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach with a large glass of fresh water.
  • In cure of 3 months, to renew if necessary after a break of 1 month.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consult a health professional before any supplementation.
  • Not intended for young children.
  • Use in people on anti-coagulants is not recommended.
  • Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and do not replace a varied and balanced diet. Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.
  • Why take a food supplement to take care of your skin?

Cosmetics are applied to the skin and allow it to defend itself effectively against these attacks. This external application is an excellent first step but “leaves” the dermis and the hypodermis which nevertheless have their role to play in ensuring the skin is in full health. It is on these layers that nutricosmetics will intervene. How ? By providing the vitamins, minerals and active ingredients the body needs to deeply revitalize all layers.

  • How long to take a dietary supplement?

It is advisable to take your food supplements as a 3-month cure and renew after 1 month if the problems persist.

  • Can I take GO FOR DETOX as a detox cure each season?

Yes absolutely, GO FOR DETOX is perfectly suitable for maintenance for those who want to purify their body each season to preserve healthy skin and body. In this case, 1 cure of one month at the beginning of each season is enough.

  • Can my teenager with acne take GO FOR DETOX?

Yes absolutely, from the age of 12, the GO FOR DETOX food supplement is perfectly suited to fight against acne and other imperfections.

  • Is GO FOR DETOX effective in fighting hormonal acne in adults?

Yes absolutely, the GO FOR DETOX supplement has demonstrated its effectiveness with several clients suffering from hormonal acne.

  • Is it normal to get rashes while using GO FOR DETOX?

Yes, and it's even a sign of a very good reaction from your body! The healthier your body, the more effective the detox will be because no other disorder slows down the action of the plants and probiotics contained in each capsule.

  • Why take dietary supplements on an empty stomach in the morning?

Probiotics are living and therefore fragile microorganisms. Taking them at the same time as a hot drink would totally destroy them.

  • Why mix probiotic strains in a food supplement?

The richness of the microbiome depends on the number of bacteria but also on the diversity of strains it contains. Antibiotics and other antibacterials destroy certain strains that weaken our body. It is therefore very important to ensure the diversity of strains present in the body. Moreover, each strain has its own activity. Mixing the strains therefore makes it possible to act on different problems: bloating and digestion, for example in GO FOR DETOX.

  • Are food supplements organic?

To be certified organic, a food supplement must contain 95% of ingredients from organic farming. 56% of the ingredients contained in GO FOR DETOX and 67% of the ingredients contained in GO FOR PROTECTION are plants from organic farming. The rest are probiotics (lactic ferments), vitamins and non-certifiable nutrients. We have favored everything in 1 capsule (probiotics + organic plants) over certification for your daily comfort and savings.

  • Are food supplements vegetarian/vegan?

Yes ! This was one of the important points for us when developing our formulas. Our food supplements are vegan, cruelty free, GMO free, gluten free and its capsules are 100% vegetable.

  • Are the results immediate?

How quickly our food supplements will work depends on each person. Some will see the result in a few days, others in a few weeks. What is certain is that they depend on the regularity with which they are taken. Listen to your body and you will know! Moreover, food supplements are aptly named, they complement a balanced lifestyle. We support you in your change, the more you are involved, the more you will see measurable results.

  • I am pregnant, can I take food supplements?

No contraindication has been found against pregnant women. But we still advise you to consult your doctor to avoid any interaction with another drug.

  • I have trouble swallowing my capsules, what should I do?

No worries, you can open your capsule and mix its contents with yogurt, compote or any other food of your choice.

Clean. Organic. Healthy

No ingredients harmful to health, no ingredients derived from chemicals or petroleum and 0% palm oil in our formulas.

100% natural and organic*

Our formulas are 100% natural and certified organic COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert*.


Our products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age or skin type.

Made in France

100% of our packaging, ingredient and product suppliers are French.


100% natural origin
  • Accelerate cell renewal.
  • Increase protein production.
  • Increase enzyme production.
  • Facilitates the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys.
  • Facilitates digestion.
  • Helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Stimulates digestion.
  • Promotes digestive comfort.
  • Known for its high vitamin C content.
  • An ideal supplement in case of fatigue or overwork.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Powerful antioxidant.
  • Allows you to repel the signs of aging.
  • Contains polyphenols and flavonoids.
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