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The Gua Sha is a beauty accessory that is increasingly used in the West.
Focus on this Chinese beauty ritual that has adapted perfectly to the Western world.

Gua Sha, what is it?

In the Chinese tradition, Gua Sha is practiced for medical and not aesthetic purposes. "Gua" means scratching and "Sha" disease.

Its use therefore consists in vigorously scratching the skin in order to eliminate all kinds of physical pain (muscular, joint), and to get rid of bad energies.

The Gua Sha massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, thanks to the stimulation of certain acupressure points. It promotes oxygenation of the skin and the elimination of toxins. Its regular practice also improves the immune defenses and helps energies to circulate better.

This ancestral beauty ritual has now become an essential beauty gesture in the world of aesthetics. In just a few sessions, the Gua Sha massage firms the skin, restores its natural radiance, helps reduce the signs of fatigue and stress.

How to choose your Gua Sha?

Before starting a Gua Sha massage, take the time to choose the tool with which you will do it by carefully selecting its material and shape.

The material

Initially the tools were made of cow horn… not very glamorous!

Today the cow horn has been replaced by more noble materials, semi-precious stones such as pink quartz, blue sodalite and jade stone. Each of its stones has unique properties:

– Rose quartz: symbol of love and peace. It soothes emotions and stress.

– Blue sodalite: calms anxieties, helps control emotions and activates creativity.

– The jade stone: represents purity, wisdom and power. It helps drive away parasitic ideas, promotes inner peace and will be retained for its purifying virtues.

– Black obsidian is renowned for its regenerating action.

– Rock crystal will promote clarity of mind and brilliance.

The form

So that it can be well held and perfectly fit the contours of the face, the shape of the tool has been reworked over time.

– To fit the contours of the face as well as possible (the oval, the cheekbones), favor the heart shape.

– To scratch and/or erase wrinkles, opt for a Gua Sha incorporating teeth. .

– As for the flattest shape, it allows for lymphatic drainage.

How to perform a Gua Sha massage?

In itself, the gesture of Gua Sha is very simple: slide a stone along the skin.

This practice must be done on well-nourished skin so as not to irritate it.

Take a nourishing treatment, ideally an oil or a nourishing face balm. At Demain®, we use the TIME TO DETOX balm.

Then slide the Gua Sha on the flat or heart side, always going in the same direction. Go from bottom to top or from inside to outside, and apply gentle pressure.

The benefits of Gua Sha on the skin

The Gua Sha massage has many beneficial effects on the skin of the face and on the skin of the neck. The gestures are simple and the results are visible from the first weeks.

But what benefits does Gua Sha bring to our skin?

Find healthy and luminous skin

Remember, Gua Sha stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This phenomenon will help evacuate toxins from the face and oxygenate the skin. Impurities are reduced and inflammations are soothed.

In addition, the refreshing effect of the stone used will help to tighten dilated pores and contribute to the deflation of the skin.

Result: a radiant complexion, a healthy glow and decongested features!

Reduce your wrinkles

A Gua Sha massage will activate precise and different acupressure points depending on the area being massaged.

This will tone the supporting muscles of the skin, thus helping to fight against the slackening of the tissues in the face and neck.

Bye bye dark circles

Oh dark circles! Apart from using a concealer to cover them, it is impossible to make them disappear naturally.

However, you can reduce their appearance by doing a daily Gua Sha massage under the eyes. The activation of the microcirculation will allow the attenuation of dark circles and the gradual blurring of puffiness.

Relax your body but also your mind

The draining effect of Gua Sha releases tension and relieves neck and neck stiffness.

Its regular use will relax the body, and the mind, thanks to the various acupressure points used.

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