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Ah those little folds that we all dread seeing appear on our face one day! Anxiety for some, totally assumed by others, wrinkles are a natural phenomenon that results from the aging of the skin.


Good news for the anxious part that lies dormant in us, there is a remedy. What's more, it's natural, while being the most effective on the market: welcome to the world of hyaluronic acid.



It is true that to hear it for the first time the word "acid" is not very reassuring. And yet, more natural than him, it doesn't exist.

Let's start the introductions.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in the eyes, joints and mainly in the dermis.

A quick reminder, our skin is made up of 3 layers:

  1. The epidermis or outer layer.
  2. The dermis also called the inner layer. It is here that we will find the fibroblasts which contain the molecules of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin which guarantee the elasticity, firmness, tone, hydration and resistance of the skin.
  3. The hypodermis which is rich in fat.



    Hyaluronic acid is the most moisturizing molecule in humans and is one of the essential constituents of the dermis. It is able to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, much like a sponge, which will help maintain a high level of hydration on the surface of the skin.



    Apart from its moisturizing properties, hyaluronic acid is also known for its anti-aging and firming properties.


    By penetrating deeply, it will fill in wrinkles, plump up the skin and erase fine lines due to skin aging. The deep hydration of the skin also brings tone to the face: the tissues become tense and the skin appears smoother.


    You may not know it, but it also has an antioxidant action. Proper hydration of the epidermis will create a protective barrier against UV rays.




    Although it is naturally present on our skin, the rate of hyaluronic acid decreases from year to year. We lose about 8 to 10% every 10 years.


    This loss is due to skin aging and daily aggressions such as UV rays and polluting particles. The effects of the loss of this molecule are quickly visible: dry and/or more fragile skin, appearance of the first wrinkles.


    This is the reason why more and more brands of cosmetics or nutri-cosmetics include hyaluronic acid in their formulas.




    As mentioned earlier, hyaluronic acid is a 100% natural molecule and has always been present in our body. It fills with water, giving the skin a plumped and smoothed appearance.


    The older you get, the more of this molecule you lose. Consequently, our skin is less hydrated, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.


    The benefits of cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid are numerous. Used on dry, sensitive and/or prone to redness skin, they will have a soothing effect and will prevent skin inflammation. They can also be used on acne-prone skin and dark circles.
    Applying these products daily will help the skin regenerate and stimulate collagen production.




    Before using a product, it is important to know that the brands do not use hyaluronic acid strictly speaking, but a synthetic molecule.
    Do not panic ! This molecule is identical to those naturally present in our body.
    Synthesized in the laboratory by a plant fermentation process, this chemical structure makes it possible to reproduce the natural phenomenon of hyaluronic acid production.




    We find cosmetics in different forms: creams, serums or masks. Before making your choice, take the time to analyze your skin's needs.


    Did you know that the size of the hyaluronic acid molecule has an impact on the in-depth action of the product? We explain to you.


    High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: This is a large molecule. Being too large to penetrate the epidermis, it will remain on the surface and create a protective barrier to fight against dehydration and the natural evaporation of water.

    Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: As its name suggests, this time it is a micromolecule. The smaller the molecule, the better it will penetrate the different layers of the skin to allow deep hydration.


    If you are looking for a product that acts on the tone of the skin, favor the low molecular weight molecule.
    You will find this active ingredient in the Happy Age of Tomorrow® Serum which acts on all the signs of aging such as hydration, firmness and elasticity.



    Conversely, if you prefer a product that gives a plumping effect and helps to blur fine lines of expression (furrows, crow's feet, frown lines, etc.), opt for cosmetic products containing the molecule of high molecular weight.

    These products will also protect your skin from environmental aggressions by creating an occlusive film on the surface of the skin.
    This is the case with Go For Protection Day Care , which hydrates the skin on the surface while protecting it from free radicals thanks to its combo of antioxidant active ingredients.




    Food supplements are a concentrate of nutrients, plants and other substances that will have positive nutritional and physiological effects on our health.

    They can be taken all year round as needed. Before summer to prepare your skin for the sun. And in winter to fight against low energy, boost hair growth or even maintain beautiful skin.


    Although food supplements are sold without a prescription and are easy to use, you must remain vigilant and take the time to choose them.


    1. Ensure the correct composition of the product. Take the time to read the label because some dietary supplements may contain traces of additives, preservatives and/or allergens.
    2. Respect the recommendations for use. Do not exceed the prescribed daily doses and the duration of consumption, as an overdose can have toxic effects.



    In the same way as creams or subcutaneous injections, food supplements containing hyaluronic acid reinforce the hydration of the skin, help reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles, and bring shine and suppleness to the skin. skin.


    They act at a deeper level than cosmetic treatments, the hyaluronic acid being absorbed by the intestinal walls which then irrigate the cells of the skin.


    To obtain good results and allow your skin to keep its youthful and plump appearance, favor food supplements with a high hyaluronic acid content, that is to say at least 200mg per capsule.




    To fight against the effects of aging of the skin, it is important to combine the intake of cosmetic products or nutri-cosmetics with a balanced diet.


    Indeed, our way of life and our habits influence the state of our skin and the appearance, more or less late, of wrinkles. A good diet added to an adapted skincare routine thus allows the skin to remain hydrated, to keep its tone, its plumping effect and its radiance.


    The most important intake of hyaluronic acid will be through food supplements and cosmetics.


    However, we find them in several families of ingredients:


    • Low-fat meats such as lamb or veal, bone broths.
    • Cod liver oil. A tablespoon a day of cod liver oil as an occasional treatment can help you fight effectively against skin aging.
    • Gelatin. A tablespoon of gelatin per day, in cure for one or two months will allow you to delay the arrival of the signs of aging.
    • Also favor red and orange foods (peppers, citrus fruits, red fruits) and aromatic herbs such as parsley, coriander or basil.
    • Finally, to boost your hyaluronic acid intake thanks to your plate, it is on vitamin C that you have to bet. It does not contain hyaluronic acid strictly speaking but it helps to synthesize it.





    Hyaluronic acid treatments are well tolerated by all skin types.


    However, it is possible that people with very sensitive skin are prone to allergic reactions such as redness, itching or more rarely swelling. These reactions are harmless to health and disappear within a few days after stopping the use of the product.


    With regard to hyaluronic acid injections, on the other hand, there may be postoperative complications. Rest assured, they only affect 0.1% to 1% of people who have had injections.



    • The operation can cause an allergic reaction which will lead to an inflammatory reaction.
    • Painful granulomas may appear. No need to treat them, they fade naturally between 7 and 10 days after the procedure.
    • Note that people predisposed to cold sores can have it after the injections.
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not advised to inject.