Jun 04, 2023sandra GASMI CONSULTING

Do you think that a natural and organic product cannot be effective?
Well let me tell you Lou’s story!

Lou is 11 years old and has been suffering from eczema for 4 years.
As soon as she has an annoyance, or a peak of stress, her skin irritates and burns .
She is in pain and she scratches until she bleeds. Sometimes, these irritations even wake her up at night and disturb her sleep.
This prevents him from concentrating in class. She even begins to lose self-confidence , because her classmates make remarks to her about these red patches which permanently cover the tops of her hands.

His dad Jérémy and his wife are distraught . They are sick to their stomachs, seeing their little daughter suffer. And often, these crises ruin the rare good times they can spend together in the evening.

They tried everything and finally found a dermatological cream that soothes the pain in the moment, but it does not treat the inflammation (the redness). And in the same way that I did not want to put cosmetics on my children's skin for fear of poisoning them, it bothered them to apply a product containing chemical ingredients on their daughter's skin every day.

I meet Jeremy by chance and tell him about the frequent feedback that some of my clients give me after using the Go for Glow Demain® Cleansing Gel on their eczema .
I recommend testing this product as a mask on Lou's skin.
And there, relief!
From the first day, irritations disappear.
3 days later, the inflammation is almost gone!
So much so that Lou stops using it :-)
It comes back so she decides to become more diligent :-)

The lives of Lou and his parents have changed. All thanks to one product 100% original natural and organic, enriched with prebiotics, parabiotics And postbiotics . Without side effects or recourse to chemistry.

Combining science and nature, the solution for tomorrow!