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Beauty comes from within and our nails often reflect internal imbalances! To treat them and have beautiful nails, at Demain® , we like natural formulas, simple to make at home and without any additives.

On the way to our tips for maintaining healthy nails and having beautiful nails every day!

To begin, let's try to better understand the nail?


The nail consists of 3 parts:

The nail plate: the most important part of the nail. A horny plaque made up of three superimposed layers of keratin. The lower, softer layer adheres to the nail bed.

The lunula: the half-moon-shaped white area located at the base of the nail plate. It is the extension of the matrix.

The matrix: located under the skin at the base of the nail, it produces keratin and guarantees the growth of the nail plate.

The nail is surrounded by cuticles.


Nails are essentially made up of keratin. They also contain small amounts of water, fatty acids, calcium and iron.


Cuticles are the small pieces of skin that sit at the base of your nail. These small skins that line the edge of the nail have a very specific objective: to protect us from infections.

Indeed, they are there to protect our body against humidity and the intrusion of bad bacteria. It is therefore very important not to touch them and not to cut them as some manicurists can do .

It sometimes happens that they are quite engaged on the nail or that they tear. The best then is to moisturize them rather than tear them out.


The appearance of the nails depends on several factors :

Genetic inheritance: which determines the first shape of the nail.

Food : deficiencies, restrictive diets, an unbalanced diet are detrimental to the health of the nails.

The general state of health : anemia, fatigue, stress or certain chronic illnesses can lead to deformation of the nails or the appearance of white spots or streaks.

Smoking : responsible for yellowing of the nails.

External attacks : (shocks, use of chemicals without gloves, aggressive cosmetic treatments).


Nails are subject to ageing, just like skin and hair. The morphology of the nail evolves: over the years, its surface becomes hollow with streaks: furrows oriented in the direction of nail growth.

Its properties gradually deteriorate: the nail plate becomes thinner, more fragile, more friable. The nail is less resistant to abrasions and daily aggressions which leave more and more visible marks and the growth rate of the nail slows down.



Eating certain foods can help you have beautiful, healthy, strong and resistant nails.
Let's find out which ones to choose:

Protein foods : these are the ones that will nourish the keratin responsible for the growth of our nails
Where to find high protein foods ? In meats and fish, eggs, but also in legumes, lentils, chickpeas, chia seeds, broccoli and many others still necessary for the synthesis of keratin.

Foods rich in zinc : zinc has the particularity of helping to produce proteins. A diet rich in zinc therefore contributes to the production of proteins, including keratin, but also the collagen that makes up the skin.
Where to find foods rich in zinc? In oysters, seafood, meat and liver.

Focus on iron and vitamin B

Foods rich in iron : essential for the growth of hair and nails. Iron is one of the minerals to promote in your beauty diet. Iron deficiencies can lead to hair loss and nail damage which is characterized by nails that are no longer bulging but concave in shape, sometimes cracked.
Where can I find iron-rich foods? Red meat and fish are excellent sources of iron and it is then very well assimilated by the body. On the other hand, the iron present in vegetables and oilseeds (spinach, lamb's lettuce, beans, lentils, pistachios, etc.) is less well absorbed by the body: it is therefore advisable to combine it with other foods rich in vitamin C to help uptake by cells.

Foods rich in vitamin B : vitamin B is particularly indicated for having beautiful nails and hair. Indeed, this vitamin participates in the production of keratin and all the vitamins of the group (vitamins B1, B6 , etc. ) are therefore prescribed for strong nails.
Where can I find foods rich in Vit B? In meat, liver, tuna, salmon, eggs, cheese, nuts, almonds, wheat germ, watercress or even nutritional yeast, including brewer's yeast, which is also rich in proteins and trace elements. elements.

Don't neglect foods rich in omega-3s and antioxidants

Foods rich in omega-3 : omega-3 (like omega-6) are essential fatty acids for the proper functioning of the body. They are said to be essential because the body cannot make them itself. They must therefore be provided by food. Omega-3s play a role in the health of your nails. They would naturally strengthen them. Thanks to these fatty acids, in fact, your nails would break less easily and would be less fragile.
Where to find foods rich in omega-3 and 6? Fish, nuts, cod liver, rapeseed oil, flax, walnuts, soya, wheat germ…

Foods rich in antioxidants : as the skin and nails are subject to accelerated aging due to external aggressions (pollution, UV rays, etc. ), a diet rich in antioxidants is therefore recommended.
Where can I find foods rich in antioxidants? In general, in colored fruits and vegetables! Red fruits, berries, red cabbage, beets, peppers, eggplant, grapes, mango, carrots, melon, grapefruit…


You can also adopt dietary supplements that will strengthen nails and hair. Indeed, the hair is made up of 97% keratin. By taking care of your nails, you will also take care of your hair!

Prefer food supplements rich in zinc, iron, calcium, antioxidants, Vit B6, but also in Methionine and cysteine ​​(two amino acids that promote nail nutrition) and silicon to promote nail regrowth and shine.

The Go For Detox food supplement contains zinc and vitamin B6 , the Go For Protection food supplement contains zinc, vitamin B3 and antioxidants. You can supplement them with a diet rich in brewer's yeast, for example.


A good diet will feed your nails with good nutrients to promote their growth and that they are healthy. But as for the skin, this “ Inside Beauty ” action must be complemented by an “ Outside ” action to obtain complete results. 

Ingredients :
5ml castor oil
5ml argan oil
20 drops of lemon essential oil
Test tubes and test tubes with oil

How to do ? 
Massage your nail every evening with a drop (or at least 1 night out of 2) before bedtime. This will allow you to maximize the penetration of the product (since you won't wash your hands for 8 hours) . In addition, lemon essential oil is photosensitizing and exposure to the sun after application is not recommended. Also note that lemon essence is contraindicated for pregnant women under 3 months.

Why do we love this recipe?
Very simple to make, it is very complete and will allow you to have beautiful nails and to strengthen them while protecting them from external aggressions.

Argan vegetable oil is rich in omega-3 and 6 and is nourishing and protective. It is perfect for the care of damaged or brittle hands and nails.

Castor oil is a very nourishing and fortifying vegetable oil for eyelashes and nails. It ensures a good production of keratin, making the nails more strong and more healthy . Nail growth is thus accelerated. Rich in vitamin E, it is suitable for localized care for dry areas, damaged hands and brittle or streaked nails.

Lemon is an effective antiseptic, antifungal, anti-breakage, anti-streaks and anti-yellowing.

We will end this blog with manicure tips!


At Demain® , we favor natural manicures that do not attack the nails and do not harm your health. Indeed, even if many brands have made great progress in formulation by offering more natural varnishes based on potato or corn , the 15% remaining still contain ingredients suspected of being endocrine disruptors.

In addition, the natural manicure has great benefits! By filing and polishing the nails naturally, you will naturally erase your ridges and your nails will be naturally shiny!

For this, only 1 tool: the 4-sided file .


To gently push back nail cuticles, the ideal time is to do it after showering or bathing. We gently push back our cuticles with a wooden stick (more ecological!) This is the right time, because they are soft and there is no risk of injury. To be done once a week.


If you are a fan of manicures, we can still offer you the following tips :

Always apply a protective base, two coats of varnish and a top coat, choosing the most natural formulas possible.

Let breathe your nails between 2 manicures: “The nail is not made to be permanently covered varnish, it needs breathe, because the keratin that composes it and allows its growth hardens in the open air”. Between each varnish application, we get into the habit of giving our nails a week of respite. » We says Marie, manicure expert at Gloss'up.

Offer on your fingernails NAIL DETOX !


As for the Hair detox, once a year, you leave your nails not only bare, but also without care, for a month to a month and a half.