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What is lactic acid and where does it come from?
Lactic acid belongs to the family of α-hydroxy acids (or AHA), in the same way as glycolic acid or citric acid.
It is an organic acid found in milk, fruits, vegetables and even wine. It comes from the fermentation carried out by certain bacteria, in particular lactic acid bacteria.
Thus, lactic acid, as a product secreted by living bacteria, is considered a post-biotic.
This acid is naturally produced by red blood cells, muscle cells, kidneys, skin cells and heart cells when oxygen is lacking.
It participates in the energy production necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles. It is also the cause of feelings of fatigue and burning in the muscles.
What are its virtues in cosmetics?
Lactic acid is known for its moisturizing and exfoliating properties. It is used in cosmetics as a pH regulator, and is often combined with other AHAs such as glycolic acid.
Its action is to retain moisture in the skin, which will bring it radiance and softness. The latter allows the evacuation of dead cells and the stimulation of cell renewal.
This acid also has an effect on the deepest layer of the dermis as it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is therefore a very good ally in combating the first expression lines.
Is lactic acid compatible with sensitive skin?
This acid is known for its exfoliating effect.
It participates in the elimination of dead cells present on the surface of the skin, which makes it smoother, radiant and even. And it also helps reduce wrinkles and acne-related blemishes.
Lactic acid-based treatments are particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin. The molecule will penetrate less deeply into the epidermis and will therefore be less irritating to the skin.
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Its use in cosmetics can acidify the pH of the skin, accelerate cell renewal and preserve the balance of the microbiome.
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Lactic acid in food, for or against?
Lactic acid is produced by our body, but did you know that it is found daily in our diet?
As seen above, lactic ferments are naturally present in dairy products, fruits and vegetables as well as wine. They can also be extracted from the sugar in apples, blueberries, guavas and tomatoes.
Lactic acid has an important role in the intestinal flora. Indeed, it allows to acidify the environment and contributes to the elimination of bad bacteria. It thus helps in the degradation of food and facilitates intestinal transit.
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Be careful ! In order to respect the acid-base balance of your body, respect the dosage carefully and avoid associating several treatments.
Does it represent a danger to our health?
Too much lactic acid in the body can lead to lactic acidosis.
This acid-base balance disorder causes digestive disorders, bad breath and sometimes even respiratory or consciousness disorders.
In order to more easily eliminate excess lactic acid and prevent its accumulation in the muscles, take care, especially when you play sports, to:
- To drink a lot of water.
– Do not neglect warming up and stretching at each session.
– Practice sport on a regular basis: bet more on regularity than on intensity.
– Have a healthy and balanced diet to help the body eliminate faster.