Antioxidant organic green tea powder

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Contributes to drain and eliminate body waste for more lightness and radiance. Rich in Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant, it protects the skin from oxidative stress and helps reduce fatigue.

100% organicRich in flavorsVery discreet bitterness

Matcha tea leaves are very rich in active antioxidants.

They are harvested by hand, in the Nishio region of Japan, in May and June.

The leaves are then steamed for a few seconds to set their properties.

Later, the main veins of the leaves will be removed using an artisanal machine to keep only the heart of the leaf; is the richest part, where all the antioxidant benefits are found.

Finally, after being carefully dried, the leaves are ground between two granite millstones to obtain a green powder.

The latter is 100% natural, rich in flavors, with a very discreet bitterness.

  • Pour 70mL of water at 70-75° over 1 gram of matcha tea (i.e. one level teaspoon).
  • Mix with a bamboo whisk, or with an electric whisk.
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100% natural and organic*

No ingredients harmful to health, no ingredients derived from chemicals or petroleum and 0% palm oil in our formulas.

100% natural and organic*